About GVCS

Global Veritas Certification Services (GVCS) is an accredited certification body that offers the Personnel Certification in Non Destructive Testing in accordance with the international standard (ISO 17024) through the internationally recognized ISO 9712 standard.

NDT qualifications are provided through Authorized Qualifying Bodies (AQB) and certificates of competence are issued to person under ISO 9712 to conduct and demonstrate capability to detect flaws and defects.

The GVCS aims to promote the latest information of the happenings in the world about the practice of Welding, Non-destructive testing (NDT), and Management systems and to promote the awareness of the benefits of the accreditation to the industry community and other related groups.

We promote and participate in the development and application of NDT globally through society membership, conferences, technical Journals, web site, educational programs, research, qualification activities and consulting services.

Our Courses

What is NDT

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is an inspection technique used to detect internal or external imperfections and damages ...

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What is ISO 9712

This International Standard specifies requirements for principles for the qualification and certification of personnel ....

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What is ISO 17024

This International Standard specified requirement for bodies providing audit and certification of management system.

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What is ISO 17021

This International Standard specified requirement for bodies operating certification of personnel. This contains ...

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ATO means Authorised Training Organization who shall be eligible to conduct the NDT Training as per the requirements of ISO 9712 and certification body.

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AQB means Authorized Qualifying Body shall conduct the examination and grading of the candidates and send the results to GVCS for the issuance...

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Organization seeking management systems accreditation, Please contact the certification department