Vendor Inspection

With the competitive market and globalization, it has become essential to have a reliable and cost effective vendor to provide products of international standards at a competitive rate.

The product of any company depends on the quality of services / material and sub-assemblies supplied by their supplier/vendor. A suitable supplier supplying materials of acceptable quality and providing prompt services can help the company in achieving the promised delivery schedule and maintaining quality of the end product. Thus, evaluation of supplier/vendor before placing orders is of immense importance.

  • Capabilities of suppliers are evaluated through an on – site visit, covering the plant & machinery, work environment, human resources, design capability, manufacturing process, quality management system.
  • Existing capabilities are compared with the customer requirements and a factual report is submitted to the customer.
  • This will facilitate the customer to register the capable suppliers which will ensure consistency of in-coming product and on-time delivery performance of the suppliers.